Jerry & Filo Framework

I belong the generation that grew watching Yahoo! grow big, used Y! messenger endlessly, and carried a dream to create something as simple and as big as Yahoo. During my Undergrad school in 2004, I came across a small video advertisement that portrayed Both Jerry Yang and David Filo in a casual setting.

This ad was the first of its kind I had ever seen. I connected with them almost instantly. Their chemistry was so smooth that it was deeply imprinted on my mind. Whenever I looked at someone to work or start a company with, I always imagined whether we could behave like the way Jerry and Filo did in the ad above. I called it as Jerry & Filo framework for myself. The framework was simple, but very effective. It helped me choose some amazing people I have worked with so far. It works even today, all the time, and I carry huge respect to both of them.

Following years Yahoo had its fallout and Jerry resigned as CEO in 2012. It was emotionally breaking for an insignificant admirer that I am. Last year through a friend, who now reports to Jerry, I discovered that they are based in Palo Alto. I came from India, visited their office, but returned back without meeting Jerry. He was probably sitting in an adjacent room. I was so close to one of my role models yet stayed away. Of course I’m sure about meeting him some day soon but with the right opportunity.

Today, Forbes published an insider story Finding Alibaba: How Jerry Yang Made The Most Lucrative Bet In Silicon Valley History. The story outlines the professional journey of Jerry, the epic role of Mayasoshi Son (Softbank), and the bonding between Jerry and jack Ma. An unexpected piece of information that really touched me

… But guess who’s getting a seat on Alibaba’s board post-IPO: nobody affiliated with Yahoo except Yang.

It is great to see genuine credits to Jerry Yang and hear about him in the valley again. I highly appreciate Jack Ma for this decision. The article has a video, The return of Jerry Yang, embedded at the bottom that shows he is back in action. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and seeing him in action again. It gives me hope, energy, and focus again.

Happy to have relocated to valley this year, don’t know why but it feels like coming home!


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