How twenty-somethings can change India!

Youth is the future!

That’s one statement you would hear from every next person anywhere in the world and wonder how could that be true for India since there are so many problems in our country and our youth is absolutely disguised. However, there are certain stories that put the above statement in the right perspective.

I recently learnt about a very young company, led by a team with an average age in 20s. Below presentation starts with an eye-catching statement, “Why the hell are you spending your twenties at …?”

I congratulate the team on their successful entrepreneurial journey. They are definitely weaving an inspirational story for twenty, thirty, forty … somethings in India. Hats-off!


2 responses to “How twenty-somethings can change India!

  1. Thanks for the kind words Piyush. We’re very excited about the future of the space and feel its the unsexy sectors that have the biggest opportunities (a lot like eko).

    Do say hi to avinash from my side (not sure if he remembers me, had interacted with him during my college years helping out with barcamp etc)

  2. Rishabh, I truly agree with you about the potential in unsexy domains. It is a pleasure to see you all at such young ages doing something unique and getting it right the first time. All the best!

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