This is how success feels like!

Lifting the Tech AwardEko recently won Tech Awards, one of the world’s most prestigious award (often referred as the oscars for the social enterprise industry).

My colleague Anupam shared his experience from the event as, “It was a great experience at the tech awards gala, with a room full of silicon valley execs and VCs. The net worth of that room would be a couple of billion dollars! Their planning and organization was meticulous. There was a 150 ft long screen as the backdrop and Vinod Khosla himself was tweeting 🙂

This was the Oscars for the Social Enterprise space and all of us have worked through the past few years to have got here. But above all, lets thank God, our investors, destiny and providence”. What a splendid messaging!

The video below shows Abhishek sharing his experience and journey at Eko, while Abhinav candidly hearing him.

I probably watched this video 10 times, smiling and slowly forgetting all the mountainous  challenge that look ahead at Eko for a while. Abhishek looks so bright and full-of-emotions and probably that’s how success feels like.

A 30 something guy whom I met a few years ago as part of a small group, inspired each one in the group to nurture a billion dollar dream and to make this world a better place. Just 4 years and to be able to closely see how determination and hard work can make dreams come true is absolutely a pleasure that comes to a chosen few.

I feel proud for Eko and for the team. This achievement also forces us to think that, “It’s probably easy to make a buck, it’s a lot tougher to make a difference“.

Official release of Tech Awards video can be seen here.


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