Visit Eko CSP to get your next job

Today, Eko in partnership with Babajob has launched Job alerts service for blue collar workers through cellphone. In addition to the banking services, Eko’s customer service points (CSPs) are now empowered to connect job seekers in their vicinity with suitable employers. It is such a nice feeling to think about what great differences such simple service can bring to the common man.

Eko, Babajob, Job Alerts, Mobile, Retail

This launch is a reflection that Eko is truely an open platform and desires to extend an effective last-mile distribution in the form of across-the-counter interface integrated with an efficient and real-time payment gateway to more such services. This is just the beginning.

Many congratulations to Babajob team for developing such an interesting service. We hope that consumers find it interesting too.


One response to “Visit Eko CSP to get your next job

  1. Great intiative by Eko.. actually it will help houses to get a good maid too 🙂
    But what is the integrity of the maid or other persons appointed through Baba Jobs.

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