DigitalOpen: An Innovation Expo for youth under 17

Institute for the Future, in partnership with Sun Microsystems and Boing Boing, will design and run an international expo for young innovators,  age 17 and under, using free and open technologies.

The Digital Open: An Innovation Expo for Global Youth will celebrate projects in a variety of areas ranging from the environment, art and music to the more traditional open source domains of software and hardware.

Digital Open

Digital Open

Entrants will share their most innovative or interesting uses of open technology, including software and hardware, in eight different categories i.e.

  1. Open Code
  2. Open Community
  3. Open Discovery
  4. Open Earth
  5. Open Entrepreneurs
  6. Open Gear
  7. Open Media
  8. Open Play

Goals and Objectives: Create a community environment in which young
innovators can find each other, communicate with each other, and lay the foundation for future collaborations.

Call for Submissions: Application will be accepted till 15th August, 2009 in the form of text, photos and videos documenting projects from young people around the world who want to contribute to the growing free and open technology community.

But the Digital Open is more than an online competition. By submitting a project, you’ll become a valuable member of a community of creative young innovators working in the exciting world of free and open technology.

Collaboration is encouraged. In addition to a variety of prizes and achievements you can earn through community participation, the top project in each category will earn a fantastic prize pack and be featured on Boing Boing Video!

To find our more about

  • Principles and Contest Rules
  • Complete Timeline
  • Prizes
  • Community achievements
  • Judges and judging criteria

Please write to me (Piyush.Gupta[AT] or Pankaj Jain at (jpankaj[AT]


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