3 Mobile Navigation patents for auction

A significant portfolio of IP assets held by Delphi Technologies in Mapless GPS Navigation is up for auction.

Three US patents in mobile GPS Navigation Systems will be auctioned in Chicago on 23rd July by ICAP Ocean Tomo – a division of ICAP (IAP.L), the world’s premier interdealer broker.

The three patents are as follows:

  1. Mapless GPS navigation system in vehicle entertainment system
  2. Mapless GPS navigation system with user modifiable database
  3. Data product authorization control for GPS navigation system

More details can be found here.

This is just so interesting a news. With the current wave of experiments and bullishness of telecom industry on GPS based navigation, I’m sure there will be many keen eyes  evaluating these patents for a potential acquisition.

An interesting thing that I see in one of these patents is about the integration of navigation with an entertainment device. This looks like a very neat concept. Primarily it has two great benefits associated with it

  1. Freedom from an extra gadget.
  2. Habit associated with the device to operate it.

Would be nice to see if any Indian company also participates in the auction. I wish, I had enough money to participate in the auction and perhaps acquiring one of these IP.

Additional information below:

Seller: Delphi Technologies, Inc.
Number of Assets: 7 — US(7)
Applications: US08/418809, US08/533902, US08/844627, US11/398349
Reserve: $300,000

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