Two Indian innovations among Nokia’s global 11 list

Forum Nokia had invited applications for the “Calling All Innovators Contest” sometime back, even we (RouteGuru) had applied for the contest.

A list of 11 finalists is now public, RouteGuru doesn’t figure in the list but then those who figure, I feel proud to mention that two Indian innovations like Nano Ganesh and Green Phone have found a place in this global competition under two distinct categories i.e. Emerging Markets and Eco-Friendly respectively.

Calling All Innovators

Calling All Innovators

Both the applications demonstrate pretty remarkable innovations, the Nano Ganesh though seems to be highly fascinating to me as a consumer service addressing the pains of rural population directly.

Shri Ganesh to Nano Ganesh

While chanting “Shri Ganesh” in Hindu mythology symbolizes for a safe and happy beginning, Nano Ganesh will symbolize for the safe and happy maintenance. Hmmm, perhaps one step ahead.

As the name doesn’t suggest, it is actually a modem (hardware device) that controls the starter of the pumpset and it just costs between 500 to 1700 INR. Just by making a simple mobile/ land line voice call, farmers can trigger their pumpset to switch it on/off, check the sufficient power supply etc. hence handling their pumpsets remotely.

I see three important aspects as the key to success in this innovation:

  • Voice control – More reliable than SMS and every person can do that.
  • Deployment of Ultra Low Cost Handset like Nokia 1100.
  • Pricing for Indian consumers i.e. starting from 560 to 1700 INR.

[Video coverage at IBN Live]   |   [Coverage at Nokia Conversations]

Green Effect to GreenPhone

It’s an application for Symbian series 60 devices which allows you to save on your batter and charger’s life by providing you the alerts to several power consumption modules and enables you to shut down the unwanted applications to preserve power. Some of the main features are:

  • Backlight power saving
  • Charger Saving
  • Bluetooth time out
  • WLAN time out

The cool part here is that the notifications come as an SMS, which come from the application in the handset itself and hence doesn’t cost at all to the consumer. The pricing too is pretty competitive at $15.

It is indeed fascinating to see what potential simple voice calls and SMS hold for future. It would be interesting to know if someone reading this article has any interesting idea around Voice calls or SMS as well.


12 responses to “Two Indian innovations among Nokia’s global 11 list

  1. Nano ganesh is a innovation meaningful for India .
    I am glad that they made it to finals .

  2. Absolutely. I think this is one of the innovations that we need on the ground to help real folks.

  3. Plesae sir

    I heard about Nano Ganesh. I want more nformation about it so please send me your e-mail address or phone No. or complete address


  4. Dear Sir,

    If you want to know more information about NANO GANESH or want to purchase NANO GANESH kit, then i would realy happy to help you. For details you can contact me.
    Authorised Distributor Of NANO GANESH:

    PP. Amol Saindre,
    Agritech Solutions & Services, Nasik, State:MAharashtra (INDIA)

  5. Thanks Amol for this information. I hope the relevant people will be able to gather your coordinates from here.

  6. Hi Frds,

    u can easily reach at to me via mobile phone (91-09011087473,09011087472) or by mail id:

    Nano Ganesh Distributor:
    Amol Saindre,Agritech solutions & services

  7. Our dedicated product Nano Ganesh was honoured by the world not just because of only simple technology or circuit but because of its proven performance in the rural area for so many years. I welcome all of the engineers to rural automation which is very much interesting line of working. You will get name , fame , blessings of farmers with money too. I am ready to help those who want to make career in this line.

  8. Mr. Santosh, really you have made very useful product “A NANO GANESH”.

  9. Hi Mr Santosh

    Can u please give us your contact details. Would like to have a career in such technologies

  10. Hi Mr Pradeep, I really welcome a dedicated class in the field of rural automation and there is a wide scope for proving your innovative ideas. Yet, it is a virgin market for automation products and services.

  11. Dear Praddep,My contact details are landline phone:+91 20 24472277.Please look at our website for more details.

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