Mumbai attack : Geospatial industry

While delivering an inaugural speech at National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI), Honorary Minister for Science and Technology and Earth Sciences Mr. Kapil Sibal took up the case of recent terror attacks in Mumbai and expressed that to determine the exact location of each room inside unfortunate Taj and Trident hotels, 3D technology could have helped immensely.



Mr. Sibal informed that the Govt. is in the process of formulating a legislation to share geospatial data with both the public and private agencies. A bill in this regard, National Geospatial Data Regulatory Authority Bill, is to be introduced in the next session of Parliament and is likely to be cleared by the Cabinet by February 2009.

Other interesting thoughts that Mr. Sibal shared are:

  1. Creation of an independent regulatory authority to determine and regulate the distribution of data seamlessly amongst various Govt. departments and other stake holders.
  2. Highlighted the view that data to be used for public good should be available free of cost and that people should be able to add value to it so that the industry can be benefited.
  3. Emphasized the critical role of geospatial technologies in a nation’s internal security.

He even opined for Govt. to be proactive rather than being restrictive and reactive and admitted to the bureaucratic hassles that impede technological advances in the country.

It will surely be interesting to see what really comes out of this planning and this bill, whether the Bill really gets cleared this February at all or not. It’s been a long time that I have been hearing ministers like Kapil Sibal and Kamal Nath and the promises that they deliver at the inauguration speech. However, things are serious this time around and I hope this really gets done now.

An important aspect for Govt. would be to utilize the crowd sourcing concept really efficiently, which again seems a distant possibility. As it is the only way to have an edge over the private players like Navtech and Tele-Atlas who will be differentiated by the data freshness over the mere data availability by the Govt. [Source]

Let’s wait and watch.


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