Track NASA’s lost toolbag in space

Veteran spacewalker and Endeavor astronaut Heide Stefanyshyn-Piper lost her grip on the backpack-sized bag on Nov. 18 while cleaning up a mess from a leaking grease gun. Its loss meant that astronauts had to share the remaining tool bag for subsequent spacewalks.

NASA scientists predict that the toolbag will fall back on earth in June of 2009 and expects that the entire tool bag will burn upon reentry and it is highly unlikely for any component to reach earth’s surface.

Shuttle Bag

Shuttle Bag

It is amazing to learn that the toolbag costs $100,000 which contains only two grease guns, a scraper tool, a large trash bag and a small debris bag. Interesting to see how expensive grease can be 🙂

The bag is still into the orbit and circling the Earth. Watch out yourself with this cool, LIVE tracking app mashed up with Google Maps.


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