Updates: Break, Focus, Team, In news.

September month has brought quite a fresh energy to the RG team and the ambiance around.

Reasons? Here are some:

1. Avinash and I, both enjoyed a long awaited week-long vacation (read: break from the routine) alternately last month.

Now We’re back with a very fresh approach, the execution plan, newer ideas and of-course even more focused.

2. The army in the making  also got strengthened by one more  soldier, a wannabe entrepreneur, Jasdeep Singh. We’re very happy to have Jasdeep joining us and bringing the strong focus on the product development.

3. If you do not read Magazines, no worries but do grab the i.t. Magazine for this month (September Issue) and follow the exhaustive coverage on RG.

4. Also read about some of the concerns shared on startup scenario in India by the RG team and Shweta Gupta (Criticat). Follow the Coverage on LiveMint.

So far so good.


2 responses to “Updates: Break, Focus, Team, In news.

  1. Good Going . Best of Luck

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