“Make a Difference” using GIS

Giusti De Pérez is an architecture and urban design graduate. For 23 years, she was the professor of architecture at Zulia University. All her urban designs have won national competitions. She is the director of ESRI Venezuela.

Pérez too is an architecture and urban design graduate. He was the director of Arquitectura y Sistemas Ambientales at Zulia University for 5 years. He is the president of ESRI Venezuela.

They both live in Maracaibo. Both are married. And have dedicated their careers to improving the lives of poor in Venezuela using GIS.

This year ESRI has bestowed “Making A Difference Award” to the couple. This award goes to individuals/ organizations that use GIS innovatively to significantly change an organization, society or the environment.

The couple has pioneered the use of GIS in South America and bettered the lives of people living in Venezuela barrios. They both used GIS to study poverty and analyze where to locate community services like bus stops, health facilities, sidewalks, infrastructure in squatter developments where 50% Venezuelan population lives.

Their work has improved the living conditions of millions of people.

The couple has also released a book about their methodologies in “Analyzing Urban Poverty: GIS for the developing world“.

To me this story means a lot. From the Indian perspective, where GIS activities have just started happening, it makes all the sense to learn from this couple on how such initiatives can be brought down to Asian countries like India.

Their book “Analyzing Urban Poverty: GIS for the developing world” is certainly a key to GIS revolution which is still due for the eastern world that can lead to another huge business opportunities.

Wondering if they can send me a copy of the book?


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