Wikipedia will follow, wherever you go!

iPhone is the buzz of the day. With 4 million mark (worldwide) within 200 days of its launch and acquisition of the 19.5% of US smart Phones market, iPhone is second only to Blackberry.

The iPhone v1.1.3 firmware is enhanced with the Google Maps (Locate Me) support. Google has integrated WiFi hotspot location and cell-tower triangulation into the v1.1.3 version of the iPhone’s Google Maps application, and a simple press of the “Locate Me” button calculates your approximate position in faux-GPS style and displays it on the map.

Geopedia is an iPhone exclusive location-based Wikipedia interface.

Users can browse the location-centric list of articles from Wikipedia via the wrapper “GeoPedia” and then navigate to articles of interest to learn more. As the location changes, simply refresh GeoPedia and the feed will update.

Now the problem of knowing an unfamiliar city is as easy as you move around. Let GeoPedia and Wikipedia provide some fodder that might lead to some interesting excursions.

So far users are reporting some pretty impressive results.

How about the integration of this with a route finder service? While you find the route, you have all the lat-longs for the intermediate points on the route. A recommendation engine then shows the nearby interesting locations and related articles from Wikipedia. Simple and elegant idea.

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