Execution is Fun @Proto

There are these small thoughts, unless preserved, die forever. Being a believer in the power of small things, let me not let them die but try to preserve them forever 🙂

Having organized a couple events in the past, I always wondered why couldn’t I come out of the eleventh hour race to make things under control? How to improve upon execution every time next time? And most importantly how to remain open to innovation all the time and keep innovating?

Apparently, no text book teaches you as effectively as an experience of working with such a team. Good time to introduce Proto.

The association with Proto has been phenomenal for it helped me earn some vital insights from the execution perspective. Not that we din’t have “Eleventh hour race for keeping things under control” but learning, “how not to worry about it so much” makes lot of sense. Why fun shouldn’t be separated away from the execution and perhaps what does a right team means?

Let’s talk some points individually

1. There is just no substitute to the committed and dedicated team. It was a pleasure to see so many hands at work as if all of them are weaving a nest for the participants to rest and enjoy for the next two days at the event. So to say committed people are essentially the backbone of any strong foundation that a man can build on this earth.

2. I observed Vijay closely and realized couple of important things which gave at least some answers to “how to remain innovative?”. One that he was always accessible, all time chill, enjoying every moment and inviting all illogical talks (btw most of the innovation usually happens out of illogical talks).

As the key point-of-contact, he remained aloof from the core execution (though this is the picture only from Proto4, may be it isn’t the case at earlier Proto(s)), keeping ears on alert to almost every conversation materializing in the vicinity and picking up the right thread for discussion was quite interesting. Realized much of the interesting ideas keep coming and do not bother whether team is deep neck into work or not.

3. There are no better moments than to enjoy at the dinner table after sweating the whole day. Everyone enjoyed the chilled beer, stomach filled laughs, a few intellectual and intriguing questions to answer and interesting conversations of Kiruba, Divya, Vijay, Ramanujam … etc.

4. Another thing that impresses me much is that even though the whole team is planning a night out and working hard to keep things in control, Proto Blog and twitter are still updated. And it is not done by a Bot or the dedicated volunteer but by Vijay itself. Though they may look to be small things but the value such things create can’t sometimes be measured. The relation and the connection with the audience is all that matters at the end.

There are just so many other observations and learnings. After all this I realized how process oriented and non-funny do we as startups keep happening with every day of our struggle. If we talk about sustainability (which is the next big thing to consider besides scalability), can we really sustain without the fun during the entrepreneurial journey?

In fact fun should keep increasing geometrically to make things better. While money is a big enough aspect but no bigger than to sustain the fun of creating things.

Many more important things to learn from Proto. Hopefully, some of them will be put to action in the coming BCD5 and of course our regular course of execution at RouteGuru.

Let’s hook up at Proto and learn from the event further …


3 responses to “Execution is Fun @Proto

  1. you have an awesome blog sir!

    regards from CUSAT 😉

  2. oh guess what, the 2nd barcamp of Kerala was organised in CUSAT by BTECH CSE!

    Also there is an upcomming blogcamp http://www.blogcampkerala.com if you can be there it will be great! You will have to confirm to the organiser ASAP. Im Attending – Anurag Ojha

  3. Thanks for the words and information Anurag.

    While I may not be able to come down to Kerala but I’m sure you guys will make it rock.

    Feels very good that CUSAT is keeping itself updated of such activities. All the best.

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