Newest way to Promote your brand

The movie “10 ways to open a beer” features Nick and Anthony (founders of

If I’m not wrong Anthony is one of the coolest dude in Indian startup community (at least the one whom I’ve come across to). It’s always fun going through the mails that he keeps sharing (read SPAM :)).

About promoting the movie, in his words, “… if you like it, forward it on to your friends, post or share it on facebook or spread the love otherwise! (make sure you have your speakers connected, it’s most funny when you hear the music at the same time).”

Have fun.

I’m sure Nick and Anthony would be very happy to know about their innovative effort from everyone who watches this movie. Do you mind sharing?


3 responses to “Newest way to Promote your brand

  1. Dude, you think I’m funny?

    You should see Adil, Nick and me together! It’s all about the team and having fun together, isn’t it!

    Second video to come out soon 😉


  2. Funny? Who said you are?

    You’re right, it’s about the team having fun together. Hope we find someone like you too 🙂

  3. We would like to have a live demo of the same in Mumbai. Cheers Anupam

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