Smart Kids Corner @OSSCamp Delhi

Unconferences are a phenomena and OSSCamp being one of them. The summer’s edition kicked off with a superb movie “Revolution OS“.

The camp demonstrated discussion on subjects like Linux Distribution, CSS Blueprint, CSS Specificity (1, 2), Ingres, RoR, Python etc. I for one was quite amused for two specific reasons:

  • The presence of so many smart students – I have no doubt that they’ll ride the next wave of IT in India, perhaps globally.
  • Presentation on Python, debates around Open Source philosophy, videos showing Linus Trovalds, RM Stallman etc. reminded me of my first presentation that I once gave on Python using similar examples, my participation in such Free Vs Open Source debates and the magnificient speech of Stallman at our Univ. campus, all those moments of my college days.

It’s been some time (3-4 years) since I graduated but the discussions in such camps remains almost constant i.e. about the Installation and ease in using Gnu/Linux, adopting RAD scripting languages et al. On one had it is actually good that the promoters have still maintained their pitch to a level where they need to be as the monopoly of MS is still going strong.

Another interesting presentation was by Mr. Tennyson Kaniampady – One of the veterans with INGRES. He brought a good news that INGRES is now an independent entity, thus Postgre, MSSQL, MySQL (children of Ingres) will now see Ingres as muscled alternative for the developers. I used Ingres long back during college days but completely forgot about it since then. I’m sure that the capabilities/ stability that Ingres offers are worth trying and using. I now have a copy of it, if someone wants to collect it, I can help.

Two people I’d like to mention about:

1. Prateek Saxena – A thin, dark, 15 year old 12th standard student but one of the smartest kid I came across. He extended talks on CSS Blueprint and RoR. The latter presentation was so apt that it left me wondering if I should take some classes from him on developing such presentations. Outstanding.

2. Kinshuk Sunil – Another energy capsule, the organizer of OSSCamp. Without understanding Open Source in and out, organizing such events is a real neat task. Good work done.

A very different kind of experience all of a sudden. Quite happy about it. Look forward to further editions.

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4 responses to “Smart Kids Corner @OSSCamp Delhi

  1. Good to see you stopping by.

  2. i read this post just now.. after all this time! lol..
    i take it that was a complement 😛

    thanks for the ncie read and the encouraging words…

  3. It was a complement after all 🙂

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