Navteq LBS challenge Winners

The LBS ChallengeRecently Navteq Global LBS Challenge announced it’s winners, RouteGuru couldn’t participate due to a process glitch at Navteq’s end and thus remained at at bay from creating a good chance of carving another winning history, leverage some good brand promotion, bring home some $s or may be the venture capital.

According to DirectionsMag, Since 2003, 25% of the semi-finalist companies at LBS challenge have received the VC funding/ partnered with major mobile carriers.

2008 Grand WinnerJoikusoft from Finland
1st Runner’s upRoad-Guard from Israel
2nd Runner’s up – Point-I from …
3rd Runner’s upPacific DataVision from New Jersey

Interestingly, this year 70% of the applications had “Social Networking Component” to them and only 20% with “Navigation component”. This year 11 countries participated in the challenge against only three that had participated last year.

Applications Dynamics

A quick recap of 3 years trends in the GIS industry reveals that 2006 was all about the navigation devices, 2007 talked about gaming, entertainment and enjoyment, this year it is “Niche Targets” and a lot about “Social Networking”. Fancy! I’m just loving the trend.

GIS Trends

Looking at Indian Subcontinent and the GIS Industry here. We’re yet struggling to build the complete base GIS Data. Navteq, TeleAtlas, SatNav, CE-Info, Eicher, Lepton etc all are streamlining their efforts to bring the best consumer GIS data.

Navigator is trying hard to fly, LBS apps ideas are being talked about, social networking is something which many of us are already cooking these days. And what about Niche Targets? I really need to sit and decode all this pattern from the Indian perspective.

The image above in my opinion is the answer to so many predictions that many of us do for next LBS wave that will floor in India.


2 responses to “Navteq LBS challenge Winners

  1. So RouteGuru didnt win? That’s unfortunate but I hope that you must have identified some issues that were a hinderance to its winning and thus develop a more robust service. In a way, the loss can turn into a win.
    It must have been a good experience to compete at the level and something good will come out of it.
    All the best.

  2. Hey, We din’t event participate. But I understand your hidden suggestions.

    The post meant that had we participated, we would have been the winner 🙂

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