Barc[4.0]mp Delhi – Planning experience!

Let\'s Unwind!

This Barcamp is so special to me!

Attending Barcamps earlier I never realized how involving does coordinating an event like Barcamp can actually be!

It so happened that my trip to Gangotri got cancelled on 8th and thus, I started looking forward to BarCamp. Soon I realized that the Delhi Edition is really in a mess. No sustainable community to look after it. The next day I realized how much have I gained from Barcamp(s) that I attended in Bangalore and thus decided to build a sustainable community even if it takes some tangible time out of my Business. I feel so great that I thought in this direction.

From nothing in place, only 7 days at hand, with lost interest among the participants and nobody to guide, the task looked extremely daunting but all seems to get sorted out now. Today we have almost 10 dedicated volunteers, In fact all of them were so much self driven that all they needed was someone to rope them all into a single thread.

Within a day we got New Domain Name, New Wiki, New Blog, New Logo(s), extracted past camper’s mail Ids, started online discussions and brought the interest and faith of everyone back to Delhi barcamp again. I feel so good to see all this happening within just 5 days. Almost 300+ people are being sent regular mailers, 200 have already registered, people are flying from Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Germany etc.

In the whole process, people who connected to me are actually my earnings. I think the love for Barcamps has strenghtened even more with this edition. And I know with the evening of 17th coming soon, It’s the time to plan BCD5 for Delhi – The Winter’s Edition.

I’m really looking forward to this edition and perhaps all the editions henceforth.

It’s time to call ourselves as Serial Barcampers!

Details on BCD4Home  |  Register  |  Mailing List  |  Blog  |  Twitter


9 responses to “Barc[4.0]mp Delhi – Planning experience!

  1. Piyush,

    Congratulations for making BCD4 happen.

    Proud that you are my buddy.


  2. Hi Piyush,

    Hats off to you man! The BCD4 was awesome and I had great fun.

    I would like to help out more in the organization bit the next time, rather than just clicking and twittering. I will keep checking for the next meet and hopefully will have more to do.


  3. Hi Piyush! Thanks a lot for putting in all the effort towards the successful organization of the barcamp! The event was a great learning experience for me and would look forward to contribute my bit for the Winter edition.

    And thanks for the comment on the blog !

  4. Piyush, great job – I noticed that suddenly the organisers pumped life into the event and I even blogged about this sudden energy. Hats off to you if you were leading the effort – such events require leadership and collaboration skills and you have done a great job..
    Well I wasn’t there so I am curious to see some pics 🙂 is there someone who is posting some it 🙂
    I was one of the first ones to register but I had to come here to States for official work so couldn’t attend! But I do plan to attend the winter edition! And also present and contribute then. When do you think that would happen?

    congrats again!


  5. Avinash, Thanks for the good words. I’m always proud to be with you anyways 🙂

    Hi Dear Goyal, Thanks again for those words. You’ll soon receive an email on BCD5 planning updates.

    @Cplash – It’s great to hear that you enjoyed the event. It’s only feedback like these makes anyone’s effort worthy.

    Dear Saumitra, Again thank you so much for the good words. I’ve left some comment on your blog post for your reference.

  6. Nice to see that Bangalore has helped a lot 🙂 I also miss Bangalore a lot….I am sure that co-ordinating the event would have been a great experience.I too have a plan for BarCamp once we roll out our prototype.

    -Himanshu Sheth

  7. Geetika Saxena

    Hi Piyush!!!!!!!!!!

    I should must appreciate the work you are actually carrying forward…quiet a big help to a lot many people…..They are specially saved from the illogical charges of the auto rickshaw drivers….When I traveled to CP from Noida for the first time even I had to enquire about the route as well as the fares with a few friends of mine but with Routeguru’s services at our fingertips its very easy now to reach anywhere….
    Another thing that I must mention here is your Blogs, they are so honestly written, frankly speaking I am not a very good reader when it comes to blogs and all, at times I have felt that the writer gets distracted from the topic and as soon this happens I start loosing interest but your blogs, I kept reading them for two days during my office hours (hope no one from my office sees this 🙂 ) and I couldn’t let them off my mind while I was away, I was kind of glued to the text as well as the thoughts of the writer. You have so interestingly and beautifully written the blog “Anatomy of successful products and an unknown soul” the comparison is very nicely made and I was quiet amazed at the thought and approach very few people think that way. I actually admired your writing skills.
    Well, it’s just the beginning buddy you have a long way to go. I wish you all the good luck and keeping going….

  8. @Himanshu,
    Yes buddy, the experience was exhilarating. Look forward to you as well next Barcamp Delhi – The Winter’s Edition.

    Looks like you have dissected the complete blog. One thing I’m very sure buddy is that this blog certainly doesn’t deserve so much of good words as you have shared.

    You should also try RG’s OnTheGo (SMS) service. Perhaps that will help you even better. Look forward to your feedback on the same.

  9. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Cholerically.

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