Experience: Talk delivered at BarcampNSIT

Yesterday I delivered a session at “Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology (NSIT)” , a premium Engineering college  in Delhi region. Before I get into the details, I have to acknowledge that the NSIT campus is really beautiful for it embraces a lovely ambiance, lush green beauty around and the great infrastructure. Lucky are these students …

Now Let’s enter the Auditorium. It had a pretty neat ambiance with an audience beyond my expectations, with almost 50+ in number, though, I didn’t expect more than 20-30.

Vishesh Bajaj, Cofounder of GeoBeats, (a close friend), who also came, initiated the session and I decided to follow. It is sometimes a good idea not to take the lead presentation with an unknown crowd. While Vishesh spoke about GeoBeats, his startup experiences in general with an emphasize upon the latest technologies usage in startups, I picked up the student’s reactions, which helped me create an agenda-on-the-fly to feed myself with a confidence to face them, and it really paid.

I primarily spoke about “Why should one join an early stage startup” with a cool presentation, followed by the vision and reason for RouteGuru to exist. What does the partnership between RouteGuru and NSIT brings to both the entities?

Students extended a warm response with their active involvement throughout the conversation, few of them approached me even post session to ask a few questions and complementing the presentation. Though I was supposed to take the session for about 20 minutes, at the end of it I realized that it went on for almost 1+ hour and still fell short of time for the Q/A round.

Later, all the students gathered on stage for a group photograph, both me and Vishesh were also requested to be the part of the group. I just liked being a kid for sometime, standing among students, surrounded by their funky/ encoded language.

The fact that even the photographer behaved with great manners, I extend my true appreciations to him.

The Fun Part

1. While I was grabbing the light snacks post session, two girls came up to complement the presentation and a bit to me as well. On asking their branch, year and interest, this is what the conversation looked like:

me: Thank you! May I know which branch are you from?
Girl 1: I’m from Electricals sir but in my first year, so I only know C that too fundamentals and not a master at any technology.
me: Alright, That sounds interesting, you are still at the event, I appreciate that. What are your further plans?
Girl 2: (With a wicked smile) I want lots of money and lots of fame.

(Now all of us are sharing a smile)

me: Hmmmm, even interesting, but you know, all this doesn’t come without lots of efforts and hardwork, after all everyone is not as lucky as Shahrukh Khan is, though he too puts a lot of hardwork now.
Girl 2: Yeh I know but then (pointing to her dimples), there are lots of Pretty Zinta(s) around.

All of us went bananas but the fact is that I din’t really have any answer to it, however, I liked the smartness of the girl. Wish I too were as smart as the students are these days.

2. I had distributed a Questionnaire to all the students for some feedback. On asking the organizers about the sheet collection later, they came up with a wonderful answer, “Sir, They made aeroplane of the sheet which was being distributed“.

Though I was surprised for a moment and disappointed but the next moment I smiled and felt the fun of it. After all students are students and they proved it. Awesome! The behavior of students really remains so universally constant, Just loved that later as reminded me of my college days for a moment.

All in all a great experience, fed with some fresh insights, energy and great feeling. Look forward to share the stage once again with a students community.


3 responses to “Experience: Talk delivered at BarcampNSIT

  1. “Sir, They made aeroplane of the sheet which was being distributed”

    Should have been a great bulb (surprise) for you 🙂

    Half way down the post, I was expecting some students applying for a job with you. It never seemed to happen, if I am not wrong?

  2. Oh yes! I was quite surprised.

    The process has started, the intention was anyway to have couple of summer interns from NSIT.

  3. Hi,

    I wasnt able to attend your session, but i heard good things about it. I really read a lot about web 2.0 etc. and i must admit routeguru is pretty accurate when compared with mapmyindia when intra delhi navigation is concerned.

    Also, can you please update one thing : NSIT is not an extension of DCE. Its a separate college.

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