“On-the-Go (SMS)” – India’s First SMS based service to make driving easier

RouteGuru‘s innovation engine executes yet another “First of its kind service” for the Indian Market.

Lost – If you are tired of ‘asking around‘ for the Route-Hints™ while driving or while being driven, or,

– If you do not want to be wrongly driven by the genuine people with ingenuine direction sense, or,

– Do not have access to the internet (No laptop/ No GPRS), or

– There’s no-one to call/ ask for the hints?

What do you do?

RouteGuru’s “On-the-Go (SMS)” service is what you are precisely looking for. Now you need not worry but Simply “RG”!

Whenever you are in the middle of the road and need Route-Hints™/ the total distance between the two locations/ the approx. Auto-Fare. All you need to do is to send:

rg source-location to destination-location (to 56767)

e.g. I sent a message “rg hyatt to shankar road” to 56767 and received a message response within 30 seconds to my surprise. Wow! what better than this, it will surely take me more time than this to roll-down my car window and ask for the hints.

The message encapsulated the following information:

1. Route-Hints™ i.e. the major roads, landmarks, Points of Interests to follow while I’m driving towards the destination.

2. Distance of each of these landmarks from the start of the journey. Therefore, the distance after the last landmark tells the total distance between the source and destination.

3. Left-Right Information i.e. where to take Right or where to take Left. Great! This information is very precise and helped me reach my destination with immense comfort.

4. Auto-Fare – Finding the approximate auto-fare was simply a charm. Now I don’t really need to depend on the mercy of the Auto-Drivers and pay them more than the approximate money.

This also helped me track, where the Auto-Driver was taking me as I kept cross-checking the major landmarks which were falling on the way.

Awesome! Very very useful service. Isn’t it?

For more details, tutorial and explanation on how to use this service effectively, please visit RouteGuru online.

Should you have any feedback, suggestions, advices. Feel free to drop in a mail to me or simply leave a comment on this blog. Be assured to hear from us (Of course, even if it is a complement 🙂 )

Till then, enjoy driving with RouteGuru!


4 responses to ““On-the-Go (SMS)” – India’s First SMS based service to make driving easier

  1. It’s good. But I found it hard to create a mental picture from the text. Add some more innovation so that when I read the route, I can make a mental picture.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. We are now evaluating the response SMS and perhaps the new innovative format will be visible in a couple of days again.

    I’ll surely update you.

  3. This is awesome , especially the Auto fare part, as tourists are fooled by Rickshaw walla’s.
    There is other technology call Push Technology, instead of Pull technology that might cost nothing from the user’s perspective

  4. Yes, we have been hearing some great feedbacks from the users,

    1. Avinash’s relative saved 70 bucks while travelling by auto from railway station to her home.

    2. At NSIT, after delivering my session, the organizer too endorsed something similar for one of her relatives.

    Its definitely heartening to hear such things.

    About Pull technology, there are certain problem e.g. delays in SMS etc. So currently Push one looks good.

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