Startup Lunch – But no one to eat

Delhi hosted first startup lunch yesterday. Almost 20+ Entrepreneurial bloods had their presence marked at the venue, however, it was a pretty tight situation with eight employers lobbying for one serious candidate. People were not left with an option but to celebrate when someone introduced himself as a potential candidate, with the introduction session coming to its close 🙂

Attendees Breakup:
While startups like RouteGuru, Tyroo, Zoomtra, Alabot, TenCube, OnDaMo, StudioSmile contributed 11 attendees. Media groups like Mint, it Magazine, IAMAI had their presence with 1 attendee each. Of course there was one serious startup joiner (who enjoyed most of the attention) and also a freelancer. With about 5 people who came over to get the hang of what is startup lunch all about.

Quite a few went back disappointed but in my opinion it was not all that disappointing because 1) turnaround of 20+ people with almost zero publicity is not bad 2) it gave us the learning as to how it has to go further.

Also three people, who hooked up after the meet and returned back home at almost 4.00 am today. Never had seen a lunch starting in the evening and ending up so early morning :).


5 responses to “Startup Lunch – But no one to eat

  1. Nice blog ….was looking for something like this ..keep up the good work

  2. Well I would like to suggest to hold such events on weekends unless your are expecting only freshers to attend.

  3. BTW I am also surprise with the lack of interest shown by start-usp In NCR ffor such event.

    I guess we have Guruji,minglebox,asklaila and many other respected startups whcih were mssing .

  4. Hemanshu. Thanks!

    Satpal. You are perhaps correct, we’ll consider hosting this event on weekend next time.

    Guruji, Minglebox, AskLaila etc. are I know startups but they all are well funded. You got a point, which made me think that the dynamics pre-funding and post-funding actually differ a lot in the way you operate.

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