Quite interesting it is that the last article itself I talked about the Talent crunch and now I talk about a solution to a part of it, the un-conference way!

Fundamental problems often need a fundamental approach for them to resolve. Startup Lunch is one such fundamental approach towards aligning right Entrepreneurial blood on the one side, keeping early stage startups in focus.

Startup Lunch

It’s simply an ad-hoc lunch(ing) concept for the startups/ wannabe entrepreneurs/ startup enthusiasts to get together and reduce the bills for the talent acquisition consultancies, who says that they understand the startups needs (and even early stage ones), yet do not work on a success based model. However …

This is Vijay’s one of the several initiatives that he keeps cooking in his head. I think, Vijay is one of the guys who is starting to become the “the guy next door” for the startups community. His focussed alignment of the thought process to completely one side of the entrepreneurial community is something quite interesting because with lots of experience and exposure there comes a desire to solve even complex problems and not the fundamental ones or at least any problem not the fundamental way.

Quite looking forward to this focussed meetup. Plz. crawl back for the updates on the Delhi Startup-Lunch date and venue.

Dates Announced for Ist Delhi Startups LunchThursday, 27th March, 2008


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