Location India 2008 – 3rd int’l Conference

Yes, the 3rd International conference on positioning and navigationLocation India 2008” is happening in another week to come i.e. on 7-8th February 2008, organized by GIS Development.

Location India 2008 - 3rd int’l Conference

Whats so interesting about it?

One, all the interesting personalities from the India GIS industry will be again available together for the first time this year like Rakesh Verma (MD, MapMyIndia), Manoj Misra (CEO, AUGTICS Systems), Ashutosh Pande (Corp VP & MD, SiRF Technologies), Amit Prasad (Founder, SatNav) etc.

Another good news is that Avinash is one among the invited speakers for the conference. He will be speaking on “Navigation – the good old way“, punchline similar to RouteGuru‘s – Directions … the good old way! He is scheduled to speak on 8th feb in the 16:30 – 17:30 slot.

Not so interesting?

The registration charges are little on the higher sides for the individuals to attend. The charges range from Rs. 2000 to 7500 from students to private corporate professionals respectively. It seems they don’t even issue free passes to the event 😦

I would urge these conference guys to give at least some modest consideration towards the students and start-up guys. The amount is way too high for these non-salaried individuals. More details on registration are here.

If you are game for getting confronted to the next biggest trend in the Indian GIS industry or may for what is running through the minds of the top guns of the world’s best and biggest GIS companies, this conference should be a boon for you.

Lets catch up again there!


4 responses to “Location India 2008 – 3rd int’l Conference

  1. Umm would love to attend but Charges are very high . try to get some free pass

  2. Thats the sad part, they don’t issue free passes, perhaps I’ll also pay the registration fee.

  3. Great Going Sir 🙂
    Tons of Wishes…

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