Of bloggers, winters and meet around Bonfire!

Just returned from Delhi Bloggers meet at Westend Farms. As usual with lots of insights, learnings, thoughts in making, few concerns and utilizing an opportunity to network with some great people yet again.

The structured thought process, efforts and the broader vision of the organizers was surely impressive and worth a sight.

Delhi Bloggers Meet

In my opinion (relative to my limit of understanding) , the meet was highly educative in nature, the convergence of different sections of society did influence those un-stretched gray cells once again.

What I never knew before this meet!

1. Japanese language is the top blogging language, followed by English and chinese respectively. So to say, Asians have hijacked the the Blog and new media channels.

2. There were approx. 900 blogs written in Hindi till July ’07, however, the number has grown to approx. 2100 as in Jan ’08 and is expected to grow at the rate of 400% in another two months to come. 2008 should therefore, be seen as the revolutionary year from the regional blogging perspective.

3. People like Shailesh Bharatwasi, Ashok Chakradhar and Rakesh etc. are dedicated to make Hindi blogging a phenomena in the country. Which is a commendable task, however, there is still an ambiguity as to what is the actual vision behind the activity, I’m sure, they must be having some good reasons for engaging themselves into.

4. One person whom I admired quite a lot is Hon’ble Delhi District Courts Judge Mr. Talwant Singh. He too enjoys the blogging weather. Mr. Talwant writes a comprehensive blog on “Cybercases“, which is definitely a niche area. He also extended his possible help to the young blogger’s community across the country, my 2-cents worth appreciation to him. I think he is one of those few dynamic personalities who definitely needs a special mention. Why? Doesn’t this leaves you thinking?

5. 95% of the internet population uses blogs. It is as simple as that 95% population on internet uses search, therefore, its not possible for you to not get confronted to blogs, thus, direct or indirect influence of blog is very much transparent today. The case study by Mr. Rajesh Lalwani put the audience in splits with his ecstatic speaking skills and the insightful talk. If I observed correctly, I may look forward to engage with him soon.


It was simply a surprise to see Shivku present at the venue. For the simple reason that he came all over from Bangalore, the place which I still live in my thoughts.

About the Meet

The meet was actually an eye opener to the people like me. Though I follow hundreds of blogs, podcasts etc and believe that I understand this space appreciably well but it was still a pleasant surprise to have those hundreds of perspectives through people look at it (and all of them were still not present) and the kind of effort and visions people are still cooking.

If you still think that Blogging is only about information aggregation, ranting some personal thoughts or some more crude views, you shouldn’t afford to miss next meet. If you don’t gain anything new, you never lose anything except that precious personal Saturday (which will come in another 6 days anyway!)


One of the major concern that dominated through the day was, ‘How to bring Hindi at the forefront of blogging scenario?’

But Why?

What was not clear out of the conversations was ‘Is it just for saving the nation’s pride?‘ or ‘Just to have some figures to say to the world that Hindi is no behind?‘. May be it got miscommunicated to me but it felt as if lot of us are into some race.

Having more Hindi bloggers is not a problem, in fact it would be an eternally good feeling to have a higher number, but above all its the orientation and the innovation that matters the most than any crude number. Don’t know if someone has ever thought about:

How to promote readership in the blogging system or to say someone already working around it‘ or

How to bring entrepreneurial context to the blogging system‘ or

How to make this new media society an effortless medium through self-content generation?’ etc.

We talk about identifying many good bloggers but do not talk about creating an entrepreneurial blogger. Its just the orientation difference. A structured blogging approach was protrayed to be little lesser important to these great visionaries. However, I may be wrong and it would be a great feeling to have myself wrong.


Ajay jain kept everyone involved with his talks. Ashish’s adaptation to Hindi on-the-fly is also commendable, he is also a very helpful person by nature. Humble gestures of Abhishek Kant and Abhishek Baxi made the whole meet a very fulfilling experience over all. Thanks guys!

Look forward to learn more from you all again!


2 responses to “Of bloggers, winters and meet around Bonfire!

  1. Hello Piyush,

    It is a nice coverage of that event… You have done a mistake… Hind-Yugm’s websites are-

    Please correct this

  2. Thanks Shailesh. I’ve made the corrections.

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