Why should you join early stage startup?

What does an early stage startup mean?

Though the definition would mean different to different people depending upon how many and how closely they have observed startups, In my association with four startups at different stages, I believe three of them qualify to be early stage startups broadly, and how do I define them are:

  • At the idea stage, where the team & fundamental ingredients are getting into place.
  • At the prototyping stage, also called bootstrapping and may be seed-funding stage.
  • Or already bootstrapped but still Pre-Angel or Series A Angel/VC stage.

Here’s the reason “Why should you join a startup at an early stage!”

As I had mentioned earlier that I’ll be presenting this BarCamp at Delhi, I owe an apology to all those wanting-to-be-attendee(s) for canceling the presentation on the spot.

The concept is taken from a book called “Life of Pie“, where the author discusses about the science behind the dilemma of lion while coming on to the stage.

7 responses to “Why should you join early stage startup?

  1. i checked routeguru and found it interesting, i hope it unfolds well,,best luck.

  2. Its good to see your feedback. Thanks.

  3. Hi Piyush,

    I stumbled at your blog today and felt glued to it. This is one of the finest presentations I have found ever on internet. I must appreciate your instincts.

    Also some other posts are so intriguing that I couldn’t stop myself appreciating your though process.

    I’m studying MS in US and plan to start my venture soon. Would like to have your support and insights.

    Thank you

  4. Swati, I find your words little exaggerated, however, it is good that you are able to relate somewhat to the thought process in some of the posts.

    I’m yet not a great advisor and just building myself for a better cause. Although as some of my friends say “I can definitely provide you with some perspectives relative to my thinking and limited though process”.

    Thanks and all the best for your venture. Feel free to share your thoughts anytime.

  5. This is fantastic…..infact we have started putting across this message to few of our Senior Candidates who sometimes have a very hard time while deciding to a join a startup…..

  6. Thats very interesting. Would be interested to know if it contributes a bit to any success 🙂

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