Patterns to observe around Social Networking

Its no hidden fact that we actually need events like Barcamps, OSScamps, OCCs etc. to meet like minded people & there isn’t any substitute to it. (talking only about like-minded people, not team building or professional networking which is a very niche space & refuses to be called as social networking!) And most of the audience in these events is from technology world – the creators of Social Networking (SN) concept.

An interesting pattern here is that while we still need these events, doesn’t it mean that social networking doesn’t seem to actually help the “creators of Social Networking” itself?

Be it any event today, I needn’t exaggerate but most of the talks are around Social Networking. Almost half of these guys are just crazy about replicating a success story with at most one or two killer features. Not to deny the fact that this domain has a good potential to generate huge business (which actually has been forecasted to be some billion dollar in a few years to come.)

Another interesting pattern emerging is that in order to build one success story or to say make some good bucks quickly, the innovative ideas unbiased with SN are becoming rare to see. In fact whole “idea generation engine” in our minds is ubiquitously influenced by the viral fever of SN. Sometimes I wonder if India is really becoming a hub for innovative products or just a plain jungle of good business intellects betting around social networking?

Reality check?

  • Identify any young passionate guy, aspiring to be the next genre entrepreneur, ask him to pen down ‘5’ ideas he’s cooking in his head & then safely bet around for if ‘4’ of them aren’t around Social Networking :).
  • Hear ’10’ conversations at any of these events cooking up in some corner, bet around for if ‘6’ out of them aren’t around social networking.

Today, we actually live & breathe social networking. Start around any topic, it eventually ends up around social networking.

Sometimes it does come to mind if the world is at all beyond social networking?

Where are the products around robotics? cryptography? …


5 responses to “Patterns to observe around Social Networking

  1. Hei

    I’m Hanne, part of a big media group in Norway. We are planning to invest in some technology companies in India & China, which look to be a great bet.

    Your views are so truely interesting that I’m considering whether to actually get into social networking investments at all or not. Thanks for sharing these honest views from a user’s perspective.

    I’m coming to India in January in Bangalore. I’d like to meet you personally, please tell me how is that possible.


  2. Dear Hanne

    Firstly you reminded me of the wonderful days I spent at Lillehammer & Oslo in Norway :).

    However, my views definitely do not mean if the SN ideas are not fundable or not to be funded. Its just a plain observation.

    Also I do not see any immediate plan to visit Bangalore in January. Would appreciate if you would be willing to come over to Delhi. I’m sure there’s a lot that we can discuss about.

    Curious as to how could you connect to this blog?

  3. Hei

    I’d love to come to Delhi & probably get some feedback on the Indian technology scenario. By the way, we have selected routeguru as the potential company for the investment, therefore would like to discuss more onto that.

    Some of my indian friends in telenor & other media group told me about you. Probably you had networked while you were in norway. A very strong recommendation from Bjorn Nesset of Opera :).


  4. Thats interesting.
    Please mail me further at

  5. more insights on facebook

    Why are Facebook users increasingly older?

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