Barcamp Delhi 3

Barcamp Delhi 3

Barcamp season is back again with the winters mesmerizing the Delhi-ites.

However, once you have gained the habit of spelling it out as “Barcamp Bangalore” over several instances of the event, it is so difficult to spell it out as “Barcamp Delhi“. To me Barcamp somehow means BCB subconsciously, therefore, this BCD3, I’ll be all engrossed in silent observations & comparisons with some fabulous editions like BCB2. (Pardon me for that though!)

Not to forget that I’ll be sharing a ’10 minute story telling session’ on “Why should you join an early stage startup“?

It will be in a presentation format with a very simple story morphed with a few relevant pictures. When I gave the final touch to the presentation, I myself uttered “impressive” with a hope to make sense to many others. Do join me for some thought provoking slides.

Looking forward to network with the creators of New India concentrated around Delhi & to encounter a rocking Barcamp.

note – Presentation will be available for reference post this event, so please check back!

2 responses to “Barcamp Delhi 3

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for blogging this…looking forward to meting you at the barcamp…

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