RouteGuru seeks Business Dev/Alliances Guru!

Handhold with Businesses

Are you the one who has tasted the joy of closing deals at least a hundred times?

And the frustration of being rejected at least a thousand times?

Alliances and sales, we believe, is the art of using each rejection to conquer our fear of getting rejected. As the layers of fear are driven away, what perhaps shines through – is an ability to withhold a product/service vision and articulate its features and value.

But, that is not enough for closing the deal. Deals, we believe, are closed by hearts, not by intellects. So, you must have a whopping sense of humor as well. 😀

Now, add to this the wisdom and tenacity needed to create and lead a great sales force.

And, before we forget, let’s stir the above with a ‘keeda’ (Hindi for ummm… ‘extra-ordinarily insane drive’) to work in a Google-like innovative, agile, technology-driven, perpetual start-up environment.

If this cooks up to be YOU (or you can smell this to be somebody you know well), it may help if you have (or he/she has) the following mortal qualifications:

. Years of experience in alliances/sales in leading companies in the Consumer Internet domain (read: Google, Yahoo!, Indiatimes, Rediff, Sify, AOL India, InfoEdge (Naukri), People Interactive (Shaadi)). The experience should justify your aspiration to lead alliances/sales for all-India operations at a promising product start-up company in the Consumer Internet domain in India.

· Experience in creating alliances/sales channels for GIS-enabled consumer-facing products/services, will be an added advantage (read: Alliances/sales experience @ MapQuest (USA/Europe), TomTom, Tele-Atlas etc.)

· Post-graduate Management degree in Strategy or Sales or Marketing, from a premier institute (read: Harward, Kellogs, INSEAD, ISB, IIMs, XLRI, SP Jain, NM).


· Graduate degree in Engineering or Mathematics from a premier institute (read: IITs, BITS, RECs).

If you know someone who fits right, please feel easy to bridge the gap between us. If you happen to find yourself the one, nothing like it!

Kindly email us at or just leave a comment.


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