Acknowledgement – SiliconTryst remains as is!

Yes I’ve been taking time to settle in Delhi, however, I’ve accumulated some intriguing thoughts waiting for attention but yet to be converted to the blog format.

However, since I’m not residing in Bangalore anymore, I’ve been considering to change the name of this blog. Wouldn’t it be incorrect to project the ideas & thoughts w.r.t. Indian Silicon Valley when I’m not there anynmore?

The biggest question I now come across is: “Do readers (new & old) connect/relate themselves to the blog writer or to the blog name?

If it is the writer, then definitely there isn’t any problem with the same name, however, a name change is inevitable otherwise.

Given the fact that I do not have another good potential name coming to my mind for the replacement and also not a huge reader base, therefore, I take the liberty to take the journey of this blog with the existing name, however, looking forward to any suggestions/ feedbacks/ advices on the matter.


2 responses to “Acknowledgement – SiliconTryst remains as is!

  1. I think Bangalore is now a saturated “SILICON VALLEY” … so may be you can keep the name of your blog as is 🙂 Also,on the lighter side,my idea of a Silicon Valley is ” Wherever you stay , that is the Silicon Valley” ….so in your case, Delhi is the Silicon Valley whereas in my case Bangalore is the Silicon Valley 🙂

    -Himanshu Sheth

  2. Quite a decent & clever thought Himanshu.

    Made sense to me & seems like potential enough to defend myself for keeping the name as is :).

    Yes! Delhi is the Silicon Valley for me now!

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