Windup (1)

I’m glad to be winding down the week having experienced some hot summers in Delhi, Gurgaon, followed by humid chennai & rains in Bangalore again.


A brief look at some exciting coverage on Proto conference held this weekend in Chennai.


Through the Censor board

About 120 companies knocked the door of Proto but the censor board short listed some 25 potential ones. Interestingly few of the Malaysian companies too formed the part of this event. All these 25 kids were divided into five segments:

Note: If you do not want to read the below mentioned personal views, feel free to read this softcopy with a summary of all the companies presented at the Proto this July here pdf-logo.jpg

Internet/ Web2.0 (with brief description)

RouteGuru (Avinash Agrawal) – In the myriad of information, where most of the guys are working on to enhance the user-experience, there emerge few visionaries who identify the fundamental problems in society and approach it humbly, apply technology to make the meaning out of it. RouteGuru team is one such passionate team of 5 first genre entrepreneurs. These guys have strong potential to make it big, which was even transparent during the QnA session, where most of the questions were targeted only to RouteGuru. Long way to go guys!

Tyroo (Aditya Khanna) – A platform to advertise on the network of websites across the globe, fundamentally contextual advertising network; very well presented by Aditya. They have also received some funding, thus, are in expansion mode & actively looking for feedback and strengthening the team in number.

Tolmolbol (Anand R Morzaria) – One thing that catches about this Team in Red is that they all are BITS’ians (Pilani) that too from the same batch, quite energetic and passionate guys. Their first product tolmolbol is about 4 months old, I recently checked the portal, seems to be really promising if the team responsible for user-acquisition (Yes, they believe in user acquisition, rather than marketing) really takes the challenge on face.

Inasra – (Yogendra Vasupal) One of the overly passionate guy I saw after a long time. Though their product is no out-of -the-box or path breaking idea but their immense belief in themselves does make their path very transparent. I definitely started believing that none can stop them from good success. All the very best dudes!

Minekey – (Delip Andra) A web2.0 startup; already funded with a very elegant product, which caters to contextual content recommendation. The presentation did leave some points in ambiguity, however, product looks to be promising to sustain for sometime till some innovative concepts discover the market, given the heat around. Since it is used only as a widget not sure what additionally can be done with it but good effort Minekey.

Voiee (Genie Interactive Pvt. Ltd.) – Quite an effective personal voicemail and voice messaging system. Had Deepak shown the idea a night before, it would have helped us to record our presentation and just pod-cast it on stage. Jokes apart, given the voice and video ready to take the media on roller-coaster, this simple product has a very long way to go. Very impressive!


Ziva Software – (Ajay Sethi) They have been quite known in their space for sometime, with the funding coming to them a few months ago even validated the mobile search to be the next big phenomena. I give 10 marks to Ajay to apply some common-sense to identify the possible need & market, act upon the idea to bring to it to this level. I am not sure if someone else does in India at all, if no, then you guys pioneer this idea. Very-very long way to go friends!

Buzzworks – (V.C. Karthik) The presenter already created the buzz with his name V C Kartik. His initials however, don’t enable him to fund this startup but did help him fetch up the decent attention. He did bring humor wherever he went, be it on stage, break out area or the demonstration stall. They are into mobile (voice based), P2P local classifieds using speech recognition. Yes they claim to work upon Phonemes, hence independent of the language you speak. Quite an interesting product, time should show how promising is the market for them.

Aumega Networks – (Kallol Borah) Their mobile search application Lukup (pre-beta state) indexes very frequently updated data, which helps the user to find the latest information based on the search query, Interesting work.

Wifin Technologies – (Raghavendra Prasad) Nominated by Nasscom for their innovation showcase, they demonstrated the product mobistream, which streams financial data & news live, powered by iStream, apparently claim to give desktop like experience. It reminds me of the product, a product from Thought works, Bangalore. Continuous growth in the stock market seems to definitely create bigger and better market for them.

Mocodile (Rarefind Engineering Innovations Pvt. Ltd.) – One of the coolest presentation, coolest product presented on floor. The innovative presentation at a platform like Proto, integrated with a skit, must have caught the eyes of investors. The product is about content exchange between PC to mobile, irrespective of the mobile brand and make. It was one of the products which anyone would like to use on a regular basis. Congrats guys! Wish you all the success. I personally carried best impression out of your presentation and the simplicity it offers.

New frontiers (Products demonstrated out of league)

ThinxWorks – (MP Hariharan) Only presentation with a video, offered a very good break to the audience, It was also heartening to see that the Proto gave immense importance and selected these guys as part of the technology companies where writing codes is replaced by clay modeling and shooting the movie. The presence of at least one animation/ gaming company in every such conference does is quite a positive sign for the budding animators.

Lucid Software – (KM Reddy) Software truly away from the league, another IIT’an venture. The product NDT Muulam caters to the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) market. I din’t understand much of it but it seems to solve quite critical issues about industry standards for data formats & visualization. All the best guys!

Hyper Analytix – (Paul Hylander) Apologies to the team but I had to move out of the room for an urgent work so couldn’t attend the presentation. However, what I collected later on that they are into Semiconductor design automation, very much what Cadence and Synopsys have been targeting now.


7 responses to “ Windup (1)

  1. great review 🙂

    thanks for sharing !

  2. This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title poetry. Thanks for informative article

  3. Dude.. The review rocks!
    Any reason you missed out the Malaysian companies?

  4. Good to see you post Proto & Barcamp again.

    About Malaysian Companies – I meant to write for all the five categories but wasn’t able to find time, so skipped two categories altogether. It was still better than not posting the entry at all (as I do 90% of the time). But I do have mentioned about the Malaysian presence in the beginning.

  5. Hi Piyush,

    Thank you for the kind words about our team. (Somehow missed your blog on my Google Alerts. )

    Do let us know if you are visiting Hyderabad. The tolmolbol / Pennywise office doors are always open to you 🙂

    – Rithesh

  6. Hi,

    Thanks for the positive words, agree we have a long way to go and we are very excited about it. We have been busy at work ever since back from Proto so you should strat seeing some exciting stuff soon.

    Do keep in touch!

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