“Collective’s” Concert this BCB4

If your product is graduating this weekend or your thought to build that product is graduating, Barcamp Bangalore gives you all the better experience of graduation ceremony thrice a year (or may be 4 times a year further!).

This year’s second ceremony is confirmed to be at the end of this month i.e. 28-29th July at IIMB (same venue as it was for BCB3).

Barcamp Bangalore 4

However, there seems to be some fundamental difference, the patch is the concept of ‘Collectives’. You now have the flexibility to network even before the event based on your collective interest.

A better version indeed

You may find interested in voting for some of the interesting logo(s) waiting for the attention. VOTE

However, complete details would be interested in seeing you at the BCB4 Main Page.


2 responses to ““Collective’s” Concert this BCB4

  1. Hey Piyush,
    I am looking also forward to this event and may be we can meet up as well(if you at all you are in India 🙂 ).

    Just one concern,so many collectives,would it still retain it’s quality (:


  2. Hi Himanshu,

    As said earlier, I returned to Bangalore this mid June, however, in the process to shift base to Delhi soon.

    Yes I too am looking forward to this event. My project team during that weekend is planning to visit Goa and I had to sacrifice such a lucrative offer (especially when I haven’t ever been to that place & don’t think its gonna be soon also 😦 )

    Like you I too have some apprehensions but this being just a change, I’m just taking it positively, what actually comes out has to be still seen.

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