Reality check: Do IT guys really love technology?

A typical statement you would hear from any software employee in the industry today –

I love Technology; I’m very hard working, passionate about good products and want to own my company soon in future.

Let us assume that this person ‘X’ is looking forward to change the job & currently earns 6 lacs p.a., if I offer him 8 lacs p.a. for another technology job (and he is convinced with his role), there is no reason for him not to drift away to accept this offer.

But lets say the Bollywood movie director ‘Ram Gopal Verma’ meets him somewhere, somehow & actually ends up offering him a role in his next movie with a staggering amount of 20 lacs for the assignment (Note: not on per annum basis), what do you think this person is gonna do? Take that technology Job or get into movies?

Typical Considerations he will definitely go through are:

– Its RGV productions, therefore, high chances of movie getting hit if not blockbuster. Hence chances of Success are quite assured. Even if it fails, association with RGV will help him vouch for himself further.

– After all its about Nation-wide and even worldwide recognition. You’ll be rewarded on national level with very high recognition, and you have chance of becoming another name in the who’s who of Bollywood.

– If the movie on average completes within a year, he has enough time & savings to either find another assignment in movies & serials or even find yet another technology job (which is not at all difficult today). Therefore, its a minimal risk venture.

– 20 Lacs at a stretch is not at all a bad deal. It indeed is the overly high compensation as against his expectations.

Irrespective of the fact that whether he won another assignment for the main screen or he finds himself back to technology world, it is very transparent that the person has guts, this person is adventurous; he is even successful for himself.

But a reality check now

Does he really love technology? Is he really passionate about technology world?

Basically if you see, he never wanted to work for technology. He might still like products but now in the form of a movie, he still might want to own a company but a production group may be and not technology lab. So primarily this person always worked & works for two fundamental reasons, Money & Recognition. As both of them increases, he maps them with his success appropriately. Hence he is successful, wherever he goes. He was doing the job earlier, doing it now and probably will keep doing it always.

Can such people ever create a history in technology world or better to say in startup world?

Story of startups is little different (everyone knows) although it still has all the prior discussed elements that one needs and want to keep himself moving:

1. Success

2. Minimal Risk

3. High recognition

4. High Compensation

But while you decide to get down to startup, a few more reality checks have to be performed & several other aspects to be kept in mind.

1. Your passion is only technology, whatever you create Money, value or meaning, everything has to happen through technology.

2. You also have to believe money is no way a less important factor together with ‘Money is no way to justify your success & meaning of this life’. A trade-off between the materialism and the meaning of this life is very much inevitable at this point.

3. Perspectives have to go beyond your local understanding. To see the real world, you have to go out of the earth to Universe to see it as a planet, from inside it is always a flat map, which it actually is not.

4. For the first time in life ethics will take such a great possession in your thought process in whatever you do in whichever way you do.

5. And to believe that its not the work but a journey.

As someone said ‘In life its the journey that matters not the destination’.

Eventually no Ram Gopal Verma or even Steven Spielberg should be able to divert you from your mission. After all you can’t create Microsoft & Google just like that.


5 responses to “Reality check: Do IT guys really love technology?

  1. Hey Piyush,
    Sorry for the comments on the wrong post 🙂 But in Blogroll,you have “Living on the Edge”-Rajan’s blog which you have mentioned as “Founder of Advetta” which is incorrect whereas it should be Motvik


  2. Thanks Himanshu, Changes have been made.

  3. Very true. Infact many folks in IT are just here because it gets them money (nothing wrong with it), only problem when they fail to understand the difference of working for money or working with passion.

    I should have landed on this blog long back. Never too late though!!

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