Programming Language Index

I somehow stumbled onto Tiobe software company and browsed through their Programming Language ratings. If I consider them realistic then its definitely a blow to my beliefs about the popularity and use of the of languages in the industry today. I hope this information is useful to all the organizations as well as to the budding programmers who keep quantifying as to which language is the demand of time.

For a complete article you may either visit PLI or have a look at the Popularity Index chart here.

To my surprise Java leads in the popularity today. I have been working in C# for about 2 years now, which now actually makes me little worried as to where am I heading? or Should I do something more to keep myself competitive?

Another aspect to be noticed is the popularity index of Ruby. As you can notice below the Index History for Ruby, since Jul 2006 to Jan 2007, there has been a quantum leap in its use and acceptance. Definitely calls for a better attention!

Ruby Popularity Index

I hope this might gives the programmers an understanding as to what and how much is there do grab for!


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