Why does he wear the same clothes?

It was during every MoMo meeting or any other meeting for that matter, I observed that Rajiv wore same yellow shirt and a blue jeans. Only piece of cloth that one could notice changing was his scarf (that too sometimes). I did sometimes wonder if it is the coincidence? or is the the best pair that he has? Buying out a pair of clothes isn’t that expensive either for a person who has worked in IT for last 7-8 years across different countries.

Today a 5 pointer enjoyment thread cleared this very remote thought. Its got nothing to do with whatever anyone could have thought. Long beards, same clothes etc. are just a few traits of the entrepreneurs. A trend getting more and more common in Bangalore today.


2 responses to “Why does he wear the same clothes?

  1. Hey Piyush,
    Yes,it was nice reading this article by Rajiv.In fact,I have thought of some more points that we can add to the same article.Though,I am not at the same level as Rajiv is but still am undergoing many changes(in order to save some pennies)…May be this is what this journey is all about 🙂


  2. Oh yes, this phase is indeed an exciting phase of life. If one fails, it is this journey that adds to his valuable experience, if one succeeds, it is this journey that keeps him on ground.

    I personally feel, whatever I learnt in those daysif starting up within a couple of months, professionally even 10 times the time is also not sufficient.

    Will look forward to your experience.

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