Geeky Psyche Vs KISS rule

I manage a googlepage for myself and so do many other people.

I’m sure wile working with the GUI there, you also must have noticed how wierd it gets every time (except once in a while).

As a normal tendency, try hard with GUI, if it doesn’t work, go back to see the code, copy and paste on your wordpad and start dissecting line-by-line and eventually find a good amount of strain in your eyes.

Even after several dissections, I was left confused as to why does it create a good garbage of <p></p> (paragraph tags) in the code. Usually many <fonts> tag will add generosity to this garbage. Also discovered some <st> tag wherever you mention the name of some place like Delhi, India, Norway etc. Quite interesting! How does it know that this word is the name of some place?

Also if you notice the other tags you’ll notice several many attributes and fields are added for no use.

For several days I kept wondering what prompts the editor to create so many unnecessary tags but couldn’t explore & was actually happy to know that Google too does few things at the back quite shitty way.

And one day I noticed that there’s an option of ‘Undo‘ & ‘Redo‘, which I had never used, little later realized that the whole mess was created coz of not using these options.

For example. Select some text –> make it bold –>select again –> Unbold it.

Use only the “B” widget on the left side in the menu. What happens typically is that doing it several times, it doesn’t create an HttpRequest back to the server (no idea why), and you are stuck with the bold text. However hard you may try, it doesn’t work. Similarly it happens while trying to the change the type and size of fonts, changing the text or background color.

Since the time I’ve started using these two functionalities, the code behind has been much better, in fact there has been a significant increase in my productivity while working with googlepages now. All you have to do is to use Undo & Redo. So simple but a clear example of how KISS rule is important to all the geeks and nerds around.


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