It-titude Getting live

IT attitude or simply the ‘Ittitude‘,

Ittitude 2007

the term coined by me & Nejuma Iqbal while doing R&D over the possible unique names we could use for the Technology festival (Techfest) for the Deptt of IT but unfortunately we weren’t able to host the event for ‘N’ number of reasons. I do not want to get into the history about what prevented us from doing so but want to emphasize that its since than I’ve been waiting to see it getting live.

Its a different kind of happiness, when you see your alma-mater is upto something constructive. My blog entry is just a testimonial to this happiness.

Next year, the immediate junior batch too tried quite hard but could achieve only the launch of the IT Magazine ‘IT Vision’. I know and understand the reasons but actually couldn’t do anything much about it.

The further junior batch seems to have overpassed all the boundaries and so far have been able to dig up the ground necessary enough to show up the event. Yes Ittitude is getting hosted from 23rd to 25th March this year. Not only have they arranged for a decent sponsorship from the local market but a few of the MNCs also have lined up to sponsor this event. Thats something unusual am sure.

I am so proud & enthusiastic that I wish I could be there back at my campus to see the first of the show in last several years. Kudos to the guys putting up the show. I shall owe something to this batch forever.

It was even then, while I used to have interactions with this batch during college days over an announcement, or individual talks I could see the light with this batch but it was too early to predict that they will really be able to handle it this magnificiently. You wanna know why do I use this word magnificiently? Check out this Video. They are doing things much better than anybody prior to them could actually do, only exception remains the batch of 2001.


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