PechaKucha Bangalore

Bangalore, what an ultimate city! Am sure eventhough we have worst of the traffic and the infrastructure problems, this city still rocks. As an aspiring techie it becomes even more valuable.

Big Question. Why?
Was just thinking one day that life in college days use to be so romantic, so colorful, so eventful and when we suddenly plunge into this job world, life is seen as quite unromantic, dark and dry. At times i have even felt like doing some activity just on the road side, to be able to preserve those extra-curricular habits that we develop being a part of so many events & activities during campus days.

But Bangalore is one place I see where its professional market is not less eventful and these events are so designed that they become romantic & colorful in their own way. And every time I visit for a workshop or presentation, speakers have never missed praising Bangalore w.r.t. the kind of response they encounter here compared to any other city in the country. This certainly boosts up the ego of a techie am sure.

Today I stumbled across another event happening out of this city. Pechakucha.

Pechakucha Bangalore
Its basically a Japanese translation for “sound of conversation” and is a place for the young designers to meet, network and make their work visible in public. For more information click here.

Another amusing aspect is that now a days organizers are pretty conscious about keeping presentations short. Am sure they have already had wonderful time in their organizations with these PPTs.

Two peculiar things about this event are:
1. Not more than 20 slides, each slide not more than 20 seconds – all in all 6 minutes 40 seconds of fame. Don’t understand how do they manage it exactly. But it certainly sounds cool
2. The website doesn’t have a singly link except those email contacts and location map.

Haven’t attended though to comment upon its internal state of affairs.
Am sure events must be there in plenty, I need to really get hold of them to live life like I did during campus days.


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