Wi-Fi with FOSS

No idea if I have any student visiting my blog but soon as I stumbled onto this advertisement, I got highly tempted to post it for the simple fact that when I was in college, I always kept hunting for some events like this and due to lack of marketing they are generally not penetrated to bigger audience.

Wi-fi with Foss

About the course:

A two week course on Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Technology is being conducted by AU-KBC Research Centre in association with National Resource Centre for Free and Open Source Software (NRCFOSS), during December 18th to 30th 2006, for third year/ final year B.E students of ECE, EEE, CSE and IT specializations and also Post graduate students in the related fields.


The main objective of this course is to enlighten the students on the various aspects of an IEEE 802.11 Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN), which is popularly known as WiFi. The Physical layer, MAC layer concepts along with Security issues in WLANs are envisaged to be covered. Almost all the concepts will be supplemented with Lab demonstrations with Hands-on experience.

Hoping to find at least one student to visit my blog before this event gets started.


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