Barcamp Bangalore2.0 Concluded – I

Nevertheless it was the first ever Barcamp I attended, desperation to see the next one has already started the course within.

After a long time I found such an energy packed event to which I could relate to & thus had been observing all the activities with the great attention.

Let’s talk about Barcamp in little detail, I may throw some redundant information here but am sure that’s the way it should be:

Framework – An Objective View:
It is now famous as an unconference, won’t be bad if I call it as an unplanned conference, although not everything there was unplanned. Besides the casual ethics what I could relate the whole event to is the programming language pattern as well. Few aspects that were visible throughout are:
Back-end (Venue, Stationery, T-Shirts, Food, Logistics, and Marketing etc.) planning is the one which is done before the execution of the program.
Front-end (Scheduling talks, meeting, camps etc.) is generated very much on the fly, its something you’ll cherish for its very casual nature
Variables (the attendees) are defined at the earliest stage, they have to register themselves on the Barcamp Wiki, Just in Time varibales are not entertained usually.
Constructors/ Destructors (volunteers) are meant for the initialization of the event & to wind up the program formalities.
Functions (Presentation, introduction, networking, feedbacks etc.) are meant for the variables to interact and provide the sense to the program.

Procedural View:
It is similar to “Open space methodology”; Sessions are proposed and scheduled on FCFS basis. Usually an hour is given for the registration, come early get early is the policy for grab the early presentation slots which are defined for the whole day, each slot lasts for about half an hour with a 15 minutes break between two consecutive ones. Anyone can attend the event and you don’t need wallet loaded pockets. Do you own a personal Lap? Awesome! Bring it to the venue, for that matter I first time realized the need for the one; it actually comes very handy for taking out online notes, for online blogging, online demoing, online verification of the facts etc.

Here three sessions were planned in a single slot in different conference rooms. Choose the one you like the most and occupy the seat, find confusing with the matter of discussion just ask right away, ambience is very very casual in nature. In case the subject turns out to be uninterested or you wanna get the hang of all the sessions running in parallel (not advised the latter though), come out of the room, without a glitch, enter the other one. No Questions asked.

The Venue was sponsored by the ThoughtWorks, all I can say after observing the workplace and the volunteers that the organization should be awesome. Each individual from ThoughtWorks reflected immense energy and the knowledge of their respected domain. Quite a small, decent open office culture, no cubicles, centrally WiFi enabled, single Pantry and several conference rooms, one especially without any furniture but just a projector arranged looked awesome. And the amazing part was that even HR guys were enjoying this geekish event, full marks to ThoughtWorks.

Appreciate the Volunteers behind the event for making it so neat and abstract from the last moment tribulations.
I shall provide session wide information in the next blog soon.


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