Accenture R&D Labs Launched

Today Accenture has launched it fourth R&D Labs in India, Don Rippert – the CTO, Accenture Global was invited to inaugurate the Labs and present the awards to the asset tools competition been conducted this month.

As a growing technologist we often do not relate enough on to the business side of any idea. The vision that these experienced guys reveal, am sure is wisdom to any aspiring enthusiast with a business flavor.

My friend who stood second in the competition, out of 51 entries made me excited to attend the presentation, which I was planning to skip else. He developed a Siebel Developer Toolkit; I remember how the idea was initiated. He started with a very minuscule problem and developed a solution to a very simple problem using Macros in Excel sheet. Further, he progressed into the idea and started to make a GUI for it, further he enhanced the GUI and then realized that the functionalities were less, therefore, started building more functionality(s) and in due course of time, he had developed some very basic 5-6 tools very much disintegrated and different in nature.

Based upon the idea from some team member, he integrated all the tools and made it a complete toolkit.

One fine day we heard about the contest and he was motivated to take part in it. A few days back he made it to the top 7 Finalists and two days before he made it to the top three tntries, Today when he actually receives laurels for not only himself but also for his seniors, I see a complete shift in his confidence, the attitude by his seniors towards him and of course his profile. He worked lonely on the project but there were three recipients for the award, thats what made the other reciepients go ubiquitious to him and they are nobody else than his immediate supervisors.

I too have taken two strong lessons from whole of this happening;

  1. Don’t only float around the idea for long; build a prototype faster, which leads to even more innovation. Implementing the idea soon is therefore the key towards seeing it materialse.
  2. One can innovate anywhere in anything. He was a naïve into Siebel and highly apprehensive about this domain when he joined the industry with me, I remember how conscious he was about it, given that he had only worked into Java during campus days and thus, was looking for only the Java positions. But today its an old story.

I really felt good and proud to see somebody doing something good and giving me lessons so closely. The person is nobody but the one who ran along with me throughout 4 years of college days, approx one and a half year in industry and staying with me in a room, my classmate and the roommate. Congratulations Alex, find it good to see you flying.


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