Barcamp Bangalore or Barcamp Bengalooru?

Barcamp Bangalore

Out with an innovative idea? Looking for high adrenaline game in IT? Or may be wanted to test your presentation/ networking skills?
Barcamp has now been quite popular as “Unconference” – another geek(ish) evolution, waiting to find a place in soon!

They say that the participation is the only eligibility required to attend this event, present a talk, promote the event, help with the logistics etc. etc. Am sure come up with an idea how can you avoid doing anything and yet be the part of this event! Therefore, all you need is an idea (do not confuse it with smartness btw) as a better eligibility, participation is assured ;).

For me am sure its gonna be one of the most awaited event as I got introduced to this term earlier this year and since then been waiting to be the part of it. I shall be assisting a Project Demo on Open Source.

This time the event is expected to be the two day extravaganza, with the intention that the second day finds only the best of the enthusiasts present at the venue.

So far my knowledge goes, its an informally formal platform for the geeks, businessman, technology enthusiasts, technocrazy, technomaniacs, technocrats, technogeeks to meet, connect, influence each other or perhaps for the evolution of simple but critical ideas and information.

To find better insights on the event. Please find important to visit the official website and register yourself at the first.

Note: Just wondering if this event will have to be renamed as Barcamp Bengalooru ;).


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