MoMo Bangalore Ver 1.2

Alright. As usual we MoMo enthusiasts met again on 28th Aug with unusually the changed location in Indiranagar with an approx. attendance of 30 kids on the floor.

This time MoMo meet fundamentally portrayed get-together-for-making-business format, with the disbursement of few valuable ideas with a high level of understanding about the technicalities and statistics on content delivery not available in a usual course of matter, through a neat presentation by Mr. Rishit Jhunjhunwala, CTO, Verity Technologies on “Value Added Services” or ‘VAS’.

I know most of us won’t be interested in downloading and reading the PPT (thanks to corporate attitude), therefore, presenting a gist on the subject should not be a bad idea either, as objective as I’ve in mind.

  • What is VAS? It is about providing eye-catching offers to the existing base of customers just to make sure the customers are not wooed by the other competitor. In corporate terms they say this as “Adding value to the relationship between consumer & the operator”.
  • Competitors – GSM Operators, Reliance (CDMA), Third Party vendors like Indiatimes.
  • How to develop business?
    • They say it as four step process, Not to forget to build an impressive application also is an additional step to the process, just an ordinary application won’t even shake the leaf.
    • Then gun down the operator, to see the light as the end of the 100 ft. tunnel.
    • Experience says that they should guide you through to the content provider.
    • Shoot out your work to this operator.
    • They should then surrender themselves to put your application on their WAP server.

    This model remains more or less same for both the GSM & CDMA operators. Reliance although has a proprietary approach to the mobile solution but they do provide a platform for the developers to show their guts with something called DADP (Dhirubhai Ambani Developer Program), the online testing environment provided by them is also something worth for the developers to have a look at. And an additional requirement for Reliance however is that the given application should work equally well on all their handsets irrespective of the model.

Besides the presentation, there were typical demonstration by Reliance, Hutch & Airtel’s Services. Do not know why I always had an impression that either the Hutch, Airtel or BSNL should stand as the numero Uno in terms of penetration & never took Reliance as a serious contender, but ofcourse I was wrong, Reliance enjoys the status for the simple fact that their services are more consumer oriented. As per the vague statistics, they are present in remotest of the areas not even traced by others, more than half of their users still use B/W handsets, How to extend many V.A. Services to this base still remains an N-P complete problem.

Current number of Indian subscribers (100mn) is expectcted to get 3.5 folds in next 4-5 years, Importance of VAS therefore, can’t certainly be overlooked. Innovation in this area still remains a far sighted vision.


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