MoMo Bangalore Ver 1.1

24 July, MoMo coglomeration again saw few more enthusiasts in addition to few consistent earlier ones. Enthusiasts filled in the complete room to find out the opportunities that this magical word offers.

I too took half day leave from office to reach their on time. The room was completely occupied with people, this time I noticed a new category of people, those who are currently not doing anything & had anough cash to survive on their own for quite many years to come, doesn’t this sound interesting? It did to me! Many of them just returned from the US Silicon Valley and still in an observatory mode, figuring our the opportunities & trends in the Indian market, soon to plunge into some of their own territory. No doubt I found these people actually very interesting to talk with.

This meet even reflected the background planning. The sponsorship from the Indus Valley Bank for the snacks and the Volunteers for the structured presentation from:

· Next gen mobile networks – concepts, trends and utilization. – Sujai Karampuri, CEO, Sloka Telecom.

· Mobile VAS and Indian markets – Deepak Jaiswal, Independent Consultant

Another amusing thread remains the Question-Answer session, which overshot the estimated time and led whole meet go into an infinitely long debates. I left the meeting in between finally after both the presentations actually got over. I remember the networking session remains actually a serious miss.

Am not covering the subjects of discussion. But you can find even different views and experiences with the below links.

1. Rajiv’s View

2. Rajan’s View

3. Mahesh’s Views 1 | 2


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