MoMo Bangalore – First Meet Identified

19th June 2006, third Monday of June, remains the date when several individuals flocked together to build a community & Bangalore welcomed Mobile Monday (MoMo) chapter. So much I knew about the initial virtual response, number of attendees was well above expectations, number in sync with the date of release, yes its 19! Does say a lot about the beginning of the chapter!

MoMo (Mobile Monday) Bangalore has been reinstated in India by the two budding entrepreneurs out of Indian Silicon Valley, namely Rajiv Poddar (alias Rajiv) & Thiagrajan (alias Rajan). Fundamentally its an international community of Mobile enthusiasts with its chapters all across the globe today. Bangalore chapter marks the entry of MoMo to India.

The only eligibility to be the part of MoMo is the interest & enthusiasm to be the part of a young community, which tends to explore the mobile mania, opportunities and the trends that could be encountered in India. Am sure this still remains as quite microscopic vision for the group as of now. Expect to catch the more of it with time.

I for that matter found these people following through their blogs & eventually got to know about their plans to roll out the MoMo Bangalore chapter following soon. It was indeed a subject of enthusiasm for me, for the simple reason that it was a big break after the college that I found myself into any such activity. But still I had few apprehensions in mind in being the part of the group having to have the complete disproportion in the nature of my work or domain.

I believe professionally I was the youngest limb present there, which I could make out through the three rounds of introduction spanning throughout the session. Most of the entries went to the startup boys like Rajiv (Tantra Tele), Rajan (Advetta), Karthik Jain (PicSquare), Pooran Prasad (Zealous), Parvez Ahmed (Techno Clean), Vishal & Vivek (Design Tree). And the rest was the mix of independent consultants & the developers working across several organizations. But going further, the idea is to outline more of the startups, VCs, Academicians & enthusiasts at any level always.

Unlike the informal entry to the event, it progressed in much of a formally informal manner, starting with the presentation, enlightening the background of MoMo. Since it was the inaugural meet, no agenda or plan was actually in place; Rajiv anyway kept the liveliness to the session with a talk on “Trends following the Mobile TV”, which was further followed by several doubts, apprehensions, questions & suggestions from the listeners. All in all it was a treat to be among such an enthusiastic crowd.

I certainly am waiting for the next meet to happen, hope to catch up with more new faces and higher level of knowledge sharing.

How one can join this Bangalore chapter. For that matter, as a first step, you can to get into the Yahoogroups which has been dishing out a decent number of mails to the inbox now. Thus, any apprehensions, problems, ideas and suggestions can always be thrown out in this dynamic forum, be assured, if nobody replies, Rajiv/ Rajan will certainly take care of any random statement you make & I’ll always enjoy looking at that ;).

Getting in touch with Rajiv/ Rajan in person is not a bad idea either.

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5 responses to “MoMo Bangalore – First Meet Identified

  1. I would like to join this community.

  2. All you need to do is to come to the meeting.
    To know about the venue, you can do two things; a.) Join the Yahoo Groups Mentioned above to join the general discussion. b.) Keep browsing Mobile Monday Portal ( for the updates.

  3. Deepak Kalhan

    Hi Rajan / Rajiv,

    I got your reference from Piyush Gupta. I am looking for some help from you. Could you please tell me when your next meeting will happen ?

    Deepak Kalhan

  4. Is it still running?
    I tried all your methods to be in touch with MOMO blore. But yahoo group is restricted to members only. MoMo blore site is not updated.

    So let me know from where I can get information about next MoMo meeting.


  5. Sandeep replied to you through the mail.

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