Hello world!

Just to keep the tradition up. Hello World entry aims at introducing the purpose of this blog.

Purpose of the Blog

I already fall into the category of non-serious bloggers & non-effective writers. My earlier blog never had any serious visitor, I therefore could find out the effectiveness of my writing. But still writing caught up my attention back in 2005 beginning.

Being interested in psychology & human behaviour I key-in several raw thoughts & most of the them are not posted. Recently, I felt a strong urge to create space for the professional, technical or social networking related interests as well. I know most of you consider it as the plain Marketing concept, I don’t go against it but I still am an amateur to  blog keeping such a motive in mind.

This blog therefore, shall serve the recent happenings, activities & anything knowledgable I find worth saving for mine or for any other’s interest in any way, after all space is not a boundation to me.

starting off seems to be good, lets see further.


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